Why is a specialised policy required?

The type of liability coverage a business needs will depend on whether they provide products, services, or advice. Since a technology company typically offers a combination of products, services and advice — they need a policy that covers more than one type of liability.

The main benefit of IT Liability Insurance is that it offers all of the necessary liability coverage under one policy. When you cover indemnity and liability separately, claims can slip between the cracks. If your insurers disagree over who is responsible for a claim, you may end up covering it yourself.

Complex Insurance Simplified

Losses in the information technology space are a loss that is becoming more common and can arise from varied circumstances.

Areas and activities that need IT Liability Cover include:

Design, manufacture, assembly, installation, maintenance and resale.

Development, design, configuration and resale.

Warehousing, processing, hosting and analysing.

Hosting, design, plug-in building, SEO and CRO.

Front-end, back-end, full-stack, dev-ops, SCALA and PLC.

ISPs, network consulting, system integration and control.

IT support, training, procurement and facilities management.

Security / cybersecurity management and consulting.

Call centre ops, telecoms setup and consulting.