A businesses most valued asset

In today's mobile environment motor vehicle's have become very much an important part of business operations and are regularly used for a range of task's in various industries. Many businesses are reliant on the availability of their motor vehicle fleet be it white or blue collar use and often considered a businesses most valued asset.

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Single cover to multi fleet policies

Naturally the amount of time spent on the road increases the possibility of a vehicle being in an accident. Barrenjoey Insurance Brokers offers a range of Commercial Motor Vehicle packages with everything from single covers to multi fleet policies and continue to ensure that if your vehicle is taken off the road you have it back as soon as humanly possible so your business does not suffer.

Barrenjoey's panel of specialist commercial/heavy motor vehicle insurer's are leaders in the insurance industry providing a long list of policy benefits and also include optional covers such as excess free windscreen replacement & hire car cover following an accident giving you peace of mind driving.